Partnership with Metro Task Force

The La Porte Police Department has officers assigned to work with the La Porte County Metro Task Force to address the drug problems in this community as well as La Porte County as a whole and is a joint venture between the larger law enforcement agencies that works under the overall direction of the La Porte County prosecutor.  

What is the Metro Task Force
The Metro Task Force is the unit that handles almost all ongoing drug investigations in the City of La Porte and is the unit that ultimately receives any information that citizens provide about possible drug dealers in their neighborhoods. All information of the type is taken very seriously and is thoroughly investigated.

Report Suspicious Activity
Citizens are encouraged to call the La Porte Police Department at 219-362-9446 if they suspect that someone is selling drugs in their neighborhoods. However, due to the difficult, time-consuming methods that are used to investigate drug cases and the necessity of attempting to identify suspects further up the drug supply chain; citizens reporting possible drug dealers should not expect immediate results.