1. Screening

    Read the first step to the treatment process.

  2. Grit Removal

    Obtain information about the grit removal process, the second stage of the overall treatment process.

  3. Primary Settling

    Access information about the primary settling stage of the process.

  4. Secondary Treatment

    Learn about the secondary treatment process of the overall wastewater treatment system.

  5. Secondary Settling

    Gather details about the secondary settling stage of the overall process.

  6. Advanced Secondary Treatment

    Review the process of the advanced secondary treatment.

  7. Advanced Secondary Settling

    Find out what is done in the advanced secondary settling phase.

  8. Disinfection

    Peruse the details of disinfection of the wastewater.

  9. Anaerobic Digestion

    Get details about the anaerobic digestion stage of the overall treatment process.

  10. Storage & Land Application

    Obtain information about the storage and land application of the process.

  11. Process Control & Maintenance

    Learn about how the community does process control and maintenance.