Water System Flushing

Water hydrant system flushing is done every spring and fall and is done nightly approximately 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m.  It is done at night to minimize inconvenience to our customers.  Discolored or rusty water may occur in some areas during flushing.  The water is safe to drink, but if you are doing laundry and the water enters your washer, do not dry the clothes.  Washing the items again after the water clears normally takes care of the problem.

The objectives of this program are to maintain the high quality of water in the distribution system and to make sure that all fire hydrants are in working order.  While flushing, all hydrants are lubricated and operated as well as assessed for maintenance or potential replacement.  The high flow rate attained by flushing the fire hydrant picks up any minerals that may have accumulated in the mains and removes them.

We apologize for any inconvenience that hydrant system flushing may cause but remind our customers that they ultimately benefit from system flushing through the maintenance of water quality and fire protection capability.  Customers who have questions regarding water hydrant system flushing are encouraged to contact us at 219-326-9540.


Day 1, Sunday, October 23rd – 8pm to 5am Monday, October 24th
Lakeside, Pine Lake Ave., Kroger area, 1100 block thru 1700 block of Lake St., Weller, Hawthorne, Stone Lake Dr., Spruce, Greenleaf, Woodbine, Montrose, Melrose, Fairfield, Kenwood, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Kentucky, Willow, Porter, Orchard Bluff, Closser, East Shore Ct. 

Day 2, Monday, October 24th – 8pm to 5am Tuesday, October 25th
39 N Conservancy District, Rockwood, E. Lincolnway from Boyd to Fail, Wal-Mart area, E. Industrial Parkway, Boyd from E. Lincolnway to Jefferson.

Day 3, Tuesday, October 25th – 8pm to 5am Wednesday, October 26th
Waverly, Closser, Planett, Cook, Darrow, Oberreich, Bosserman, Factory, Boston, Grove, Heinz, Brighton, Tipton, Laurel, Niesen,  Bach, Richmond, Hudson, Pine, Park, Erie, Belden, Cherry, Cable, Roosevelt, Warsaw, Toronto, Lansing, McClung Rd., West of Kabelin, Genesis, Clear Lake Blvd.Pine Lake Ave. North, Legacy Hills, Johnson Rd. to Camp Summit, Washington, Tyler, State going West, West of J St., Washington, Madison area. 

Day 4, Wednesday, October 26th – 8pm to 5am Thursday, October 27th
Fisher, Eggebrecht, 1500-1800 5th,  1100-1800 2nd,, Zigler, Lincolnway, Perry, Chicago, Detroit, Adams, Washington, Madison, Clay, Pulaski, Tipton, Grove, Linwood, Adams, Jackson. 

Day 5, Thursday, October 27th – 8pm to 5am Friday, October 28th
Maple, Walker, Ridgeway, New York, Woodson, Linwood, Jackson, Adams, Harrison, E. Jefferson to Monroe area which includes E. Maple, Niles, Virginia, Ohio, Division, Plain, Tecumseh, Clement, McCollum, Chestnut, Rose to Boyd which includes Ridge.  

Day 6 Sunday, October 30th – 8pm to 5am Monday, October 31st  
Boyd, from E. Jefferson to Ohio, Woodward, Charles, John, Scott, Rumely, Henry, Lawrence, Morrison, Frank, Roberts, David Ct., Indiana from Osborn to Kingsbury. 

Day 7, Monday, October 31st – 8pm to 5am Tuesday, November 1st
Michigan from Osborn to Beechwood Golf Club, Monroe from Clayton to Kingsbury, Fox from Alexander to Willard, Alexander, Osborn, Woodlawn, Wright, Walton, Forest Dr., Graceland, Beechwood Ct., Richards St., Sagamore Parkway, Monroe East, Whispering Meadows. 

Day 8, Tuesday, November 1st - 8pm to 5am Wednesday, November 2nd
Boyd from Ohio to Door Prairie Museum, Number Streets 1st through 14th, Andrew Ave., from J St. to 16th, A,B,C,D,E,F,G H, I Streets. 

Day 9, Wednesday, November 2nd - 8pm to 5am Thursday, November 3rd
Federal, Kingsporte Ave. & Lane, Circle, Hedge Ct., Miller, Maple Garden, 18th West from A St., West to County Home all sub-divisions in area will be flushed, Andrew from 16th to 23rd. 

Day 10, Thursday, November 3rd – 8pm to 5am Friday, November 4thMustang, Cougar, Javelin, Torino, Corvette, Toronado, 23rd, 24th, I from Corvette to 24th, Kesling Middle School Area, Fairfield Addition, Ridgefield area, all Eason Ct., E. 9th, E. 10th, E. 11th, W. 12thW. 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, Hillcrest, Greenway, Eisenhower, Southmoor, Greenacres, Keston Elm.