Special Enforcement Target Areas

The La Porte Police Department realizes that certain areas within our communities have significant ongoing problems develop that require special attention in terms of patrol presence in order to address their particular problems or issues. These special problems could be issues with criminal activity, traffic problems, or even quality of life issues such as noise or animal ordinance violations.

Unfortunately, we have limited manpower and other resources, so we cannot always immediately address all of the chronic problems going on in the city at one time. We must prioritize problems and we also must be sure that we completely understand the problems and develop systematic approaches to dealing with them.

To learn more about problem analysis and problem-oriented policing in general, you might want to look at the Problem Oriented Policing Center website.

Areas of Focus
The La Porte Police Department is currently running extra traffic enforcement on Pine Lake Avenue in response to complaints from area residents and business owners about chronic speeding problems in the area. Officers are patrolling the area as much as problems in an effort to curtail the problems of speeding and illegal lane changes and prevent accidents.

There have been numerous reports of illegal narcotics being sold from residences on the near east side of town. We are utilizing saturation patrols and other techniques to address this problem, but we encourage all citizens to call in any suspected drug houses in their neighborhoods to 219-362-9446.