Detective Bureau

The La Porte Police Department has six full-time detectives that are assigned open cases and are responsible for investigating them until a successful resolution is reached. In addition, The Detective Bureau has two more detectives to the La Porte County Metro Operations Taskforce which investigates narcotics cases in the City of La Porte and La Porte County. Most cases involving actual criminal violations are turned over to the Detective Bureau for investigation.

Officers are selected for assignment to the Detective Bureau by the Chief of Police based on the results of an interview process. The Detective Bureau has at least one detective designated as being on call at all times, but all detectives can be called in to work for major cases.  

  • Apply for, obtain, and serve search and arrest warrants
  • Arrest suspects with probable cause and/or warrants
  • Collect, analyze, and store evidence
  • Extradite and transport wanted subjects that are arrested in other jurisdictions
  • Interview and take statements from suspects
  • Interview and take statements from victims and witnesses
  • Investigate crimes, including both misdemeanors and felonies
  • Testify in court during criminal trials and associated hearings
  • Work in close cooperation with other law enforcement agencies to bring both local investigations and investigations from other jurisdictions to successful conclusions
  • Evidence collection techniques for latent fingerprints, footprints, tool marks, biological evidence, and other evidence
  • Interviewing techniques for victims, witnesses, and suspects
  • Special interviewing techniques for specific types of victims, witnesses, and suspects
  • Special photographic techniques for unusual lighting situations
  • Special techniques for investigating specific types of crimes
  • Techniques for conducting forgery and fraud investigations
  • Techniques for handling gang and organized crime investigations
Special Equipment
  • A small evidence processing laboratory
  • Digital printer to print photos from video tape
  • Equipment for collecting footprints
  • Equipment for collecting tool marks
  • Equipment for latent fingerprint processing
  • Equipment for truth verification and certified operators to run that equipment
  • Photographic equipment including digital, Polaroid and 35 mm cameras
  • Some video and electronic surveillance equipment
  • Soundproof interview rooms with closed-circuit television
  • Time lapse video equipment
  • Video camera for taping interviews