Case Reports

Who May Obtain Case Reports
Nobody, with the exception of other law enforcement agencies, governmental agencies, or persons in possession of a valid subpoena, will be given a copy of an entire investigation including investigative supplements. Only a copy of the initial case report will be released, unless the person requesting the case report falls under one of the exceptions listed above.

Under no circumstances will a suspect or person arrested in a specific case be allowed to examine or request a copy of the case report. Arrested persons should be directed to contact their attorney to file a motion for discovery.

Only Records Division personnel will distribute copies of case reports.

Identification will be required from all persons requesting copies of case reports and a log will be kept of all persons obtaining copies.

Press Releases
In the event that the release of a copy of a case report would jeopardize an ongoing investigation, a press release will be completed by the shift commander that includes the: 
  • Factual circumstances surrounding the incident
  • General description of any injuries, property stolen or damaged, and any weapons involved
  • Name and age of any victims, unless the victim was a victim of a sex crime in which case the name and age should not be released
  • Time, date, and location of occurrence
There is no duty to furnish the victim’s exact address, only the street name and block number. If an arrest was made, the press release should include the: 
  • Charges on which the arrest or summons was based
  • Circumstances of the arrest or issuance of the summons
  • Investigating officer’s name and agency unless he/she is an undercover officer
  • Name, address, and age of the person arrested or summoned
  • Time, date, and location of the arrest or issuance of the summons
Initial Case Report Examinations
Any citizen, unless they are a suspect or acting on the behalf of a suspect, insurance company, or attorney has the right examine the initial case reports at any time and may request copies of any initial case reports, but may not view or copy any of the investigative supplements for that case report unless they fall under one of the exceptions listed above.

There will be no charge for copies of case reports generated by the La Porte Police Department unless the case report is more than ten pages in length in which case a copying charge of $0.10 per page will be charged.