Meter Reading
The La Porte Water Department sends out meter readers each month to take the readings that you can see on the bill located in the present reading column. The difference between this months reading and last months reading is shown in the consumption column.

This reading is based on thousands of gallons with a billing minimum of 3, so a reading of 6 in the consumption column means that 6,000 gallons of water went through the meter in the previous month. If you use less than 3,000 gallons in a month, you will still be billed based on 3,000 gallons.

The values listed in the amount column on the right for sewage is calculated by multiplying the current utility rate by the amount listed under consumption and adding a flat administrative fee to arrive at the total.

Current rate is $4.30 / 1000 gallons of water
Administrative fee is $3.31

Consumption x Current Rate = Rate + Administrative Fee = Total
5 x $4.30 = $21.50 + $3.31 = 24.81

Summer Time Increases
During the summer many customers use city water to water the grass. This results in a higher consumption reading, but this water does not go into the sewer. In order to reflect this difference in water usage from the reading in the month of May to the reading in the month of September the Utility Billing Department uses the average of the preceding winter months to calculate the summer usage.

If you only used 5,000 gallons a month during the winter months, then during this summer discounting period your usage jumps to 9,000 gallons a month the sewage portion of your bill will be based on the 5,000 gallon a month usage.

Water Leak Increases
If you receive a high bill due to a water leak, read the sewer adjustment information document for instructions on receiving an adjustment on the sewer portion of your bill.