2015 Street Paving

Tuesday July 7, 2015: The City of La Porte Engineering Department would like to announce the commencement of the City’s 2015 Street Resurfacing/Improvement Project. A contract in the amount of $1.5 million dollars was awarded to Walsh & Kelly, Inc. of South Bend, IN at the end of May of this year. Walsh & Kelly intends to begin surface milling on Wednesday July 8th on the east side of the City. Paving will continue throughout the summer with an anticipated sequence of construction as follows:

Work Area 1: Locations south of Lincolnway (SR2) and east of Indiana Avenue (SR35)

Work Area 2: Locations north of Lincolnway (SR2) and east of Pine Lake Avenue (SR35/39)

Work Area 3: Locations south of Lincolnway (SR2) and west of Indiana Avenue (SR35)

Work Area 4: Locations north of Lincolnway (SR2) and west of Pine Lake Avenue (SR35/39)

Updates on specific street closures will be made on the City Website, through the City’s Mobile App, and by the contractor.

A map of streets anticipated for resurfacing can be found below Please note that as the project progresses streets may be added or eliminated from the list based on additional field engineering. Streets selected for improvement this year were evaluated by City Staff and were selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Need
  2. Functional Class – Streets categorized as “local” on the Federal Aid Highway Classification System were given priority over streets with higher functional classifications. Streets classified as other than “local” are potentially eligible for federal grants through the implementation of a Pavement Management Plan, which is anticipated to be complete for 2016 Paving Projects. Grant money for such projects is generally 80/20, meaning the City is only responsible for 20% of the cost.
  3. Type of Failure – Streets that would only benefit in the short-term due to drainage or other issues were given lower priority. These projects will be addressed individually as funding is available.

Any question regarding the City’s 2015 Street Resurfacing/Improvement Project can be directed to the City Engineer, Nicholas Minich, at 219.362.2327 or by email at nminich@cityoflaporte.com.

Project specific questions can also be directed to the Contractor’s Project Manager, Lynn Bauer, at 574.320.9348 or by email at lynnb@walshkelly.com.

For a link to the City of La Porte's 2015 map of anticipated street resurfacing projects click here.

For a link to a map of La Porte County's federally aided street map click here.