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Kesling Park

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  1. Racquetball Courts
  2. Water Fountains
  3. Ball Diamonds ($50.00 Add-on)
  4. Benches
  5. Community Built Playground
  6. Concession Stand
  7. Fitness Trail
  8. Grills
  9. Large Shelter ($129.00 Add-on)
  10. Nature Trail
  11. Parking
  12. Restrooms
  13. Shelters ($65.00 Add-on)
  14. Sledding Hill
  15. Soccer Fields
  16. Tennis Courts
  17. Walking Track
Kesling Park is located on the southern edge of the city. It started with a small 2-acre land donation in the 1970s and has since grown through additional donations by the Kesling family to the present day size of 90 acres. The park was developed in three phases through the use of park and recreation grant programs.

Residents from La Porte and surrounding communities enjoy the modern facilities including four ball diamonds, five tennis courts, four pickleball courts, a walking and nature trail, soccer fields, sledding hill and picnic shelters. The park also contains Fort La Play Porte, a large community-built playground constructed in 1999, and the Heathcare Foundation of La Porte Fitness Court, currently being installed off 18th Street.


  1. Bill Reed Tennis Complex

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  2. Kesling Park Baseball/Softball Complex

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  3. Kesling Park Shelter #1

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  4. Kesling Park Shelter #2

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  5. Kesling Park Shelter #3

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  6. Kesling Park Shelter #4

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