Does my DOG need a LICENSE?
Dogs in the City of La Porte are required to be registered each year. License terms run from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. License tags also help us get your pet returned back to you if they become lost.

License tags can be obtained at the Utility Billing Office at City Hall, 801 Michigan Av. (first floor). Fees are $5 for spayed/ neutered dogs and $10 if they are not.

To clear up any confusion, these are not the same tags issued by your veterinarian. The tags issued by your vet are for proof of rabies vaccination, which is also required by state law for pets over 3 months of age.

Questions about pet registration can be directed to La Porte Police Animal Control Officer, Chuck Games, at (219) 362-9446, Ext. 305, or the City of La Porte Clerk-Treasurer's Office (219) 362-9512.

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