Monroe Manor Project

Update for March 11, 2016

At the March construction meeting, the timeline for the the sewer separation project was agreed upon and is posted below. Construction signs will be ging up on the 14th of March and road milling will begin on the 16th.

Click here for: 2016 Sewer Separation Construction Timeline

Update for January 11th, 2016

Pre-construction Meeting was held on January 10th, 2016.  A tentative timeline was established with work scheduled to begin on March 7, 2016 (weather permitting) and ending in July of 2016.
Click here for: Pre-construction Meeting Agenda.
Click here for: Tentative Timeline for 2016 construction.
Click here for: Complete set of Monroe Manor construction plans.

Update for January 4th, 2016

Construction for Monroe street sewer extension is scheduled to begin this spring.

Click here: Monroe street, water and sewer extension to see the plans.
Click here: Monroe street, sewer and water cost estimate to see the Phase 1 estimate.

A public information meeting is being planned for Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 at 7:00PM at the Civic Center to address questions and provide more information on the work about to begin.

Update for September 17, 2015

Initial bids for the project are now in.  Click here: Initial Bids to see the list.

What is it?

The Monroe Manor Project will replace the existing Combined Sewer system in Monroe Manor with a separate sanitary and storm water sewer system.  This will remove a large source of storm related water from the sewer system and divert that water into the Head Creek wetland basin.  The removal of this water from the pipes that carry sewage will eliminate the potential of surcharges that could get onto the road that might contain residential wastewater.  In addition to the sanitary and stormwater separation the water mains, curbs, streets and sidewalks will be replaced also.

Why is it needed?

The infrastructure of the Monroe Manor has degraded to the point where repair is no longer sufficient and replacement is the most cost effective option.

When will it start?

The preliminary portions of the Project have already been completed.  There is a storm sewer accessible to divert the rainwater into, the necessary engineering work has been completed, the surveying is done and the necessary money has been borrowed.  Actual construction should begin this fall (2015) and be completed next summer (2016).

A more complete Timeline and additional information can be found in the Monroe Manor Project FAQ.

What areas are going to done first?

The following map shows the various stages that the project is being worked on.  Click on the map for a more detailed .pdf version.