Bike Patrol

The La Porte Police Department currently has a number of officers certified to patrol on bicycles. The Bike Patrol is deployed into specific areas in the City of La Porte that are considered high crime areas or areas with a high incidence of drug activity.  

The Bike Patrol is also used to patrol during the Fourth of July Parade, the Sunflower Festival, and other similar community events.

The Bike Patrol gives the La Porte Police Department a better opportunity to interact with people in the community due to their increased approachability over officers patrolling in cars. The Bike Patrol is also less visible when approaching crimes in progress which gives it increased capabilities in addressing certain problems, particularly those that are drug-related in nature.

  • City ordinance enforcement
  • Conduct bicycle safety classes and other public relations programs
  • Crime, drug, and gang suppression
  • Criminal law enforcement
  • Interact with citizens regarding neighborhood problems
  • Night time theft suppression
  • Special assignments regarding crime prevention and investigation
  • Traffic law enforcement
Bicycle Patrol officers must undergo 32 hours of specialized training before being certified as a bike patrol officer. .

Topics covered in this training include:
  • Descending and ascending stairs while riding a bike
  • General bike handling skills
  • Nutrition and fitness training
  • Patrol techniques for bicycles
  • Tactical considerations when using a bicycle to patrol
Special Equipment
  • Bikes are equipped with headlights, tail lights, spare tubes, tire pumps and repair tools.
  • Five specially equipped mountain bikes, three Mrazek, two Smith and Wesson.
  • Officers wear bike shoes, shorts, and special Cool Max uniform shirts.
  • Special radio headsets that allow the officers to talk on the radio with both hands free.