Mayor's Ball

In 1989 Mayor Elmo Gonzales launched the annual Mayor’s Ball as a way to raise funds toward community projects.  While the initiatives supported have varied across different Mayoral Administrations, the Ball has become a staple in the La Porte calendar attracting a wide variety of participants to celebrate the community and give back to many partner organizations.

Since taking office in 2012, one of Mayor Blair Milo’s three pillars of focus for the city has been fostering positive lifestyle choices.  As a part of this effort, Mayor Milo has directed all proceeds from the Mayor’s Ball to help combat substance abuse in the community.  Through the generous support of Mayor’s Ball sponsors and participants, the Mayor’s Ball Fund has been able to support efforts in the areas of prevention, treatment, and law enforcement.  

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DARE Graduation
Past recipients of support through the Mayors Ball include:

Through the efforts of many community partners we are attacking the scourge of substance abuse that is devastating too many families.  Because our work is not done until we end both the supply and demand of illegal drugs in our community, our commitment to success will not falter.  Our team cannot succeed without the support of a dedicated and generous community, of which sponsors and attendees of the Mayor’s Ball are a key part.  One more example of spokes off the Hub of Awesome making a difference for La Porte!

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If your organization is contributing toward reducing substance abuse in the community and you’d like more information about receiving a grant from the Mayor’s Ball Fund, please contact Annette Loeffler in the Mayor’s Office at 219-362-8220 or at